Red Dot Rooftop AC 12 volt R-6100-4P


The R-6100 is a low profile AC unit for rooftops by Red Dot. Red Dot strives to supply the highest standards of price, availability and quality. This helps build a strong relationship between them and their dealers.

The R-6100 is specifically designed for heavy- duty equipment cabs and trucks. The AC unit is constructed with long-life features which include a tube and a construction with fin coil, a Red Dot Trinary system protection and a high-capacity receiver drier.

The R-6100 rooftop AC offers easy service, providing only two removable in order to access any component of the R-6100 AC unit. The unit is built with a tough roto molded housing, which is light and takes about 7.4 inches above the roofline. The gap of 7.4 inches reduces any risk of interference with the equipment and accessories.

The interior plenum ceiling holds all the controls for the double-blowers, thermostat and an air filter inside the cab. The plenum ceiling blends with any type of interior. Regardless of this, it projects about 1.4 inches under the headliner.  The two large diffusers rotate 360 degrees to converge the flow of air where is it needed.

Some of the main specifications of the product that they offer include BTUs cooling, which is 16,000 BTU per hour. This makes a refrigerant temperature of 36 degree Fahrenheit and 2.2 degree centigrade along with a wet bulb entering air of 80 degree Fahrenheit (26.7 degree centigrade).  The R-6100 rooftop AC offers airflow of 265 CFM, weighing around 70lbs.

The R-6100 rooftop AC is 12 volts by Red Dot also features a coil of aluminum fin and a construction of copper tube. The material is a tube of 6cm thick, which works as a rugged coil, proves to be effective and light in weight.

The condenser fan or motor is a type of a magnet which has a long life and durability. The motor is sealed with a hub cap and a slinger ring to bear through rough weather. The fan is a heavyweight spider made up of aluminum and riveted blades.

The AC unit is able to draw 33 amps 13.6 VDC, also includes 4 amps for the clutch.

Apart from the R-6100 rooftop AC is 12 volts AC unit, the company Red Dot manages the impact of the environment through its products and other facilities. Red Dot fulfills the specific needs of the heavy built vehicles and the users of the equipment all over the world through its transition towards the next generation of refrigerants. 

They also make a 24 volt unit, and can be found HERE.