PROHEAT-X45-12V-HEATER-KITThe ProheatX45 is a powerful & rugged auxiliary coolant heater for easy cold weather starts designed to be used in trucks and heavy machinery. It's a reliable and cost effective way to both heat your trucks cab or for pre start to allow you to be ready to go when you need to go. There is a lot of different benefits and incentives for fleet owners and owner drivers to install the Proheat45x and one of the  important reason is money. These days with the ever increasing costs of fuel and wages the most important thing to a fleet owner or owner driver is saving money. The Proheat45x uses approximately 90% less fuel than an average heavy rig does while idling so take that over a year and you start to see the saving really add up. Depending on how many hours a year your trucks are sitting idling and wasting fuel your Proheat45x will on average pay for itself in a year to two years. Now you're saving money on fuel, and your truck or machine engine is running a lot less so you're also saving money on engine maintenance, services and wear and tear. The savings are really starting to add up and with the unit paying for itself quickly you will soon be noticing the money flowing back into where it should be, your pockets. Another important but often overlooked expense is training and maintaining your experienced staff. If it's you or your drivers everyone needs certain comforts and the more comforts you can provide the more likely they will be to stick around, and you won't need to train new drivers. Being able to effectively heat your cab and sleeping cap while not wasting fuel running the whole rig is a big advantage to keeping you and your staff happy. The last reason above all others is yours and the drivers safety because if you are injured due to an accident you can't work and that's not good for anyone be it drivers, family's or fleet owners. Effectively having your windscreens completely of ice and snow when you need to be moving will prevent dangerous driving with frozen or fogged up windows. The ProheatX45 has many excellent features such as 13KW motor, electronic control panel shows heater stats, integrated coolant pump and a wide range of mounting options for all truck configurations. The ProheatX45 12v and ProheatX45 24v are both available; Click here to see current pricing.