Basic Overview of the RMS 10’ Hoses 3 CFM Pump

The RMS 10' Hoses 3 CFM Pump is the perfect companion for today’s mechanic. It is simple and easy to use to help recover, recycle, recharge, and evacuate vehicles’ A/C by just pressing one button. The A/C service system will restore vehicles back to the factory specifications and it’s completely compliant with SAE J2788 requirements. If you are a mechanic, especially those who focus on air conditioning in vehicles, you will benefit greatly from this amazing machine.

Here is an overview of the capabilities:

  • Automatic air purging to allow you to constantly monitor and purge out the non-condensable’s
  • Oil injection is built-in
  • You can charge high or low side
  • Tank refills are fast and don’t require changing hoses
  • Tank conditioning is automatic and there is no need to start up the vehicle whilst charging
  • The system keeps track of all information on A/C service work
  • Self-diagnostics are built-in
  • Automatic reminders for oil and filter changes
  • LCD will alert technicians when they need to change vacuum pump oil and filters
  • Scale calibration is automatic
  • Filtering system is single-passing
  • It will automatically shut off when the tank is full or has high pressure
  • Shock-resistant scale to allow accurate charging

Here is a basic overview of the key features:

  • It has a 50 pound storage tank and this is 20 pounds more than other competitors
  • Premium 10’ YELLOW JACKET Plus II hoses allow for easy connections to hard fittings
  • Performs SAE J2788 service
  • Color coded gauges that are 3.5” equipped with follower needles that make it easy to read, even when inside the vehicle
  • Plastic cabinet has rounded corner and edges to keep damage from happening to vehicles
  • Pneumatic tires are large and easily moveable
  • Accessory tray is built-in
  • Free lifetime tech support, training, and setup
  • One-year warranty for parts and labor
  • Full factory tested after a 34 point quality check